Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017_07_15 Puyallup/Tacoma to Santa Barbara Trip (Leon Matz & Mike Smith) (Day 15)

Author:  Leon Matz

Day 15 of 16 Morro Bay to Lompoc through Pismo Beach

Getting close to the end of the adventure!
Day 15 started like most of the others with us up at 6 and on the bikes riding by 7. Morro Bay is a beautiful city; but in the low clouds and fog, a lot of it's beauty was hidden!  About 50 degrees and no wind, an easy way to start the day!  The first 15 miles into San Louis Obisbo went smoothly; but, then, we spent 15 minutes trying to find the correct route since we now couldn't ride on highway 1.  Eventually, we found our way as the sun came out and the weather warmed some!  Just prior to Pismo Beach, the sun disappeared; and it became cool again!  Lots of very nice houses in that area and many people out running and walking! The beach road was already crowded with parked cars!  We saw perhaps 30 cyclists today - by far the most but all of them out for a Saturday ride not carrying gear for a long trip like ours. 
Like yesterday we road past many farming areas with tomatoes, cauliflower and strawberries the most common!
It was a fairly easy ride until the end. We had seen on the map a considerable climb.  When we turned onto the road for the climb, it was called the Harris Grade!  For some reason that word "grade " put fear into both Mike and I!  It was a 2,2 mile climb gaining 700 feet!  We both pushed ourselves pretty hard knowing it was the last climb of the day!  I tried to chase Mike down from behind, but he kept checking his mirror and refused to let me catch him!  We could see Lompoc from the top of the climb and quickly descended into town to our Motel 6 room!  Showered up watched a little Wimbledon tennis and then went and bought a whole medium pizza for each of us!  Wow am I eating a lot!  I hope this appetite shrinks after this trip or else my weight is going to go zooming up!
Visited an Albertsons for fruit, drink and bars!  Came back put our clothes in the laundry!  I tried to take a nap, but no luck!  Mike is sleeping while I am writing this!  Wayne was going to come and visit us here; but, unexpectedly, his daughter came into town so we will see him and ride with him tomorrow!
Have a great weekend and hope to see you all soon!
Hills near Morro Bay

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