Friday, July 7, 2017

2017_07_07 Puyallup/Tacoma to Santa Barbara Trip (Leon Matz & Mike Smith) (Day 7)

Author:  Leon Matz

Crescent City to Eureka through Redwoods NP 85 mi 4,272 ft

We looked at the profile for today as prepared by Adventure Cycling, and it looked to be a pretty easy day! One small climb out of Crescent City, but basically flat from there on! Wow were we wrong!
After 3 easy miles things changed drastically! The climb was the toughest climb so far! Almost 6 miles in length and over 1,500 feet! I clearly should have had a smaller breakfast! On top of the difficulty of the climb the road had construction to repair about 20 spots that the winter rains had washed out parts of the road!  Our immediate thought was well at least we are done with all the climbing! We were both very wrong!
As we headed onward we came to the Redwoods! Took a small road off highway 101 and went through the middle of the state and national park! Stopped and did several small hikes and visited the Visitors Center!
Mike in the middle of an old Redwood.
Leon holding up a Redwood!
Facts on The Big Tree!
Amazing how big! Mike is dwarfed! After doing a couple small hikes we went to the visitors center an then were greeted to this sight on leaving!
Amazing animals 20 feet away!
Posing for me!
What a treat! After leaving the Elk to their grazing Mike and I headed down the road! The flats never appeared just lots of ups and downs! Yesterday I had shared trouble with my front derailleur ! Last night I got s plastic knife and fabricated this and it actually worked pretty well!
Beach on way to Arcata
I love those white waves glistening in the sun
When I finally got to a bike shop in Arcadia they were impressed with my ability to come up this ! They did install a new derailleur and it appears to be working much better! Another day of cool temperatures and no sun until 2:00! Here the sun is finally coming out to light up the beaches just before Arcata! Tomorrow could be our next big challenge! The temperature in Leggett is to be 101 degrees tomorrow! Yikes! Wish us COOL thoughts!

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