Monday, July 3, 2017

2017_07_03 Puyallup/Tacoma to Santa Barbara Trip (Leon Matz & Mike Smith) (Day 3)

Author:  Leon Matz

We jumped on our bikes just after 7 headed for Lincoln City but with no idea what we were going to encounter!  I guess that is part of what an "adventure " is.  Well almost right away we were in for a different day.  Within 3 mi of leaving Seaside we start a climb and my Garmin 520 is telling me my virtual racing partner was Les Becker!!!!  A few years back Les road up this climb at a real fast clip and was on the Strava leaderboard! Needless to say with loaded bikes Les beat Mike and I by a long way!!!  I wish Les had been with us!
Within the first two hours we had climbed over 2,000 feet and were averaging a measly 12.7 mph.  Mike and I commented to each other that today could be a real long day if this climbing continues.  It would mean 9,000 feet of climbing in the 90+ mile ride!!  Yikes!!!
Thank goodness things did change! Near Rockway Beach the road flattened out and our speed picked up ! Very cute little town! 
Riding along the ocean with views of the coast were spectacular! We had to remind ourselves that we couldn't stop at every spot to take a picture or we would never make it to Lincoln City!
Looking back at Cannon Beach!
The famous Haystacks near Cannon Beach!
Signs to guide our way! Only saw 6 other riders doing the Pacific Coast Route! A little surprised we didn't see more!
Overlook before things started to level out some.
Beautiful rocks jetting out of the Ocean!
Overlook prior to descending into Lincoln City! 
Mike road especially well today! Really strong all day! He seems to be getting stronger day by day! Perhaps our early to bed and early to rise is agreeing with him! I had serious concerns about my hotfoot problems before we left on the trip but it has only been a minor problem so far! The famous northerly winds were only a minor factor today! We are hoping that they push us along tomorrow! Right now they are about 20 mph from the north! Most of the route has had a nice shoulder to ride on but we had about 20 miles today with no shoulder but thank goodness not too much traffic through that section! Our hope is to make it to Reedsport early enough to watch the parade because the fireworks will probably be way to late for these two old guys!  Three days completed and 13 more! No flats and only minor shifting problems for me! Happy Fourth of July to all!!!! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers

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