Monday, July 3, 2017

2017_07_02 Puyallup/Tacoma to Santa Barbara Trip (Leon Matz & Mike Smith) (Day 2)

Author:  Leon Matz

After riding 103 miles yesterday I thought today's 70 miles would be easy but that was not really the case! After a small quiet breakfast we were on the road by 7. The city was real quiet as it was a Sunday morning! Soon we were to the bridge over the Columbia River!
Mike standing at the top of the bridge with one foot in WA and one foot in OR!
Who is that old guy with neon Cyclopath orange socks?
Goodbye to Washington state see you in 16 days!
As soon as we got over the bridge I instinctively wanted to turn left and head to Portland like Mike Hassur and I did for so many years when we did the STP! This time we needed to turn right and were greeted with a 2.1 mile climb! Our legs were not really ready for it, but that is what an adventure is all about!
The 53 miles to Astoria was filled with lots of ups and downs! We had climbed over 2,900 ft in that distance (where in the 103 miles yesterday only caused us to do 2,600 ft of climbing).
River paddle boat that still goes up and down the Columbia from Astoria . After a short rest in Astoria we headed South on 101 towards Seaside our stop for the day! After some food and a short rest we headed to the beach!
Our dinner site! My appetite was almost as big as Sasquatch!
I was hoping this was Mike Hassur!
The beach is always special when the sun is out! Watching the TDF is our highlight for the evening! 94 miles to Lincoln City on schedule for us tomorrow!

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  1. This is badassery and peace all wrapped into one. I love the adventure part of this whole thing, without the suffering I know I would endure.. Have fun Mike and Leon!