Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017_07_13 Puyallup/Tacoma to Santa Barbara Trip (Leon Matz & Mike Smith) (Day 13)

Author:  Leon Matz

Day 13 Marina to King City

Today was expected to be our easiest day so far, and that became true!  Only 64 miles and about 2,000 ft of climbing!  I hope today's short and easy day will help me do ok on tomorrow's ride!  Because of the bridge washout and the huge landslide in Big Sur, we were forced to leave the coast area and head inland! Today's ride was like visiting your grocery store!  A wide variety of vegetables, some of which I could recognize; like celery, red lettuce, head lettuce, romaine, carrots, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, strawberries and cauliflower and others I could not recognize!  Beautiful fields with rich soil and tons of irrigation!  No signs of the long drought in this state.
The riding was very different than the recent rides!  It was mostly flat country road! Instead of yoyoing back and forth, Mike and I road together and talked!  The time went by much faster and was much more enjoyable!  I missed seeing the beautiful ocean!
It was great getting to the hotel early and having more time to relax and get all our work done!  It was one of our few rides in which the wind was not a big factor! Both of us had read and heard from previous riders about the tremendous help they received from the northerly wind!  We have seen very little of the favorable wind and mainly wind making it harder!
Hard to believe 13 days of 16 are completed!  Tomorrow is expected to be the hardest!  The temperatures are expected to be in the 90's with 90+ miles of riding and quite a bit of climbing!  Heat has never been my friend, so I am anxious about tomorrow!  Saturday and Sunday shouldn't been too hard, so tomorrow is the key for us!

This kind of trip is very different from most of the riding I have done!  Not only long hours in the saddle; but, also, not exactly sure what road we are on and exactly where we are headed!  Not exactly knowing how far to go to our next stop!
Rows of cactus read for harvest?
Celery field
View of some variety of vegetables grown here
How come they misspelled my name!

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