Monday, May 21, 2018

2018_05_19 Picture Post from Alder Lake Loop -- by Dwaine

This year's Alder Lake Loop ride was well attended with 14 riders starting the route. With a few new faces in attendance I worked to be near the front to prevent any wrong turns. Knowing the route was easy. Staying near the front wasn't. The group was strong, the pace was elevated, my heart rate was up and my camera stayed in my pocket until we reached the Alder Lake Dam lookout. At the end of the climb we leaned our precious machines against the Armco, chatted, snacked, and tarried just long enough for me to capture this image of our leader.

Capturing speeding Cyclopaths with a pocket camera was tougher than expected. As the group peeled off from the Alder Lake Dam overlook I captured and counted knowing that after the tenth cyclist passed I needed to remount Huckleberry and chase back to the group. Only four of the ten cyclists were photographed at blog level quality. This particular Cyclopath, John, was easier to catch with the camera than with the bike. I was able to start the climb with him and end the climb with him in sight only after he stopped to assist with a dropped chain. We might have another 'Quiet Killer' in the making...

It is always a joy to catch up with my friend Scott. In 2015 Scott was kind enough to guide Les and I from Seattle to Portland. The three of us trained together for hundreds of miles and created a formidable STP team. To this day I can't help but think 'Holy Cow, we crushed that ride'. It was truly a team effort. Chatting with Scott as we whizzed past Lake Kapowsin refreshed so many of the grand memories from that day.
Two Cyclopaths descending. New blog readers may not realize that Les and Mike make up a large portion of the Cyclopath glue. These group rides don't create themselves. Thank you gentleman.

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