Monday, May 14, 2018

2018_05_05 Picture Post from Kitsap Peninsula Ride -- by Dwaine

I am the self appointed unofficial Puyallup Cyclopath photographer. On our latest ride I asked the group to stop mid span on the Eastbound Narrows Bridge for a group photo which did not turn out the way I hoped. But this frame isn't a bad substitute.

Staged bridge photo number two turned out a bit nicer. Ollala Bay is in the background and Al's convenience store is opposite the bay. Just around the corner from Al's are the bottom pitches of the Banner Road climb.

Doctor Nick is happy and strong and ready to 'ham it up' for my camera in Manchester. Seattle looms far on the horizon.

Late in the ride Les and I guided the group up a few steep climbs on the Cushman Trail. Look closely at this photo and you might see into the soul of the 'Silent Assassin' and discover his climbing secrets.

After starting the day with thirteen riders the 'long route option' group has been winnowed down to just six. (Dwaine was piloting the Puyallup Cyclopath sponsored photocopter and was not available to be in the picture.) All riders completed a post-ride comment form and checked the 'success' box. It appears that Dwaine and Les, this ride's co-leaders, will be granted at least one more year of conditional Puyallup Cyclopath membership.

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