Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

John Denver had it right.   Sunshine on shoulders fosters happiness, particularly whilst cycling with my son-in-law along Horsetooth Reservoir west of Fort Collins on a springlike day.    While the weather can be unpredictable hereabouts - witness upper 60 degrees and sunny on Thursday and lower 30 degrees and snowing today - this is without a doubt one of the finest biking (road and mountain variety) locations in the country.  

There are many popular routes to ride.   Nate and I chose a 21 mile classic: north to Bellvue (no, not Bellevue; only a single abandoned store here) along Overland Trail Road and over Bingham Hill before heading south toward Horsetooth Reservoir.   That's when the fun, scenery and degree of difficulty increased significantly.    Quite a treat for this Pacific Northwest Cyclopath to be turning the pedals in such spectacular and elevated (5,700 feet) surrounding.

Thanks to Mike Hassur for his motivating videos I took along a GoPro camera to film a bit of the ride.   Here's a brief YouTube:


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