Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Author:  Mike Hassur

The nice thing about riding in March is that it seems so fresh.  I have been on my rollers some; but, usually, my bike hasn’t been “outside” much at this time of the year.  By the time we start to see a few semi-good days in February or March, it seems so exciting to get outside on the bike and to be with the guys again.  So far this past month or so, I have gotten to ride with Leon, Les, Conor, Mark, Kurt, Scott, Nick, and Andy Goodell (a newcomer from New York who recently moved to our area with his wife, Kathy).  Andy is interested in randonneuring and did a 200 kilometer



“brevet” this past weekend.  His plan is to do 400 kilometer and 600 kilometer brevets and to qualify for Paris – Brest – Paris (1200 kilometers, I believe). Anyway, to any of you who are looking to do a long ride and want some company – keep Andy in mind.
 Leon, Conor, and I went to The Climb this past Saturday and had a good time getting in about 4000’ of climbing (Leon, of course, did more than that).  It was great just being out there, visiting, and getting tired.          

Yesterday, Andy and I met at The Climb and got close to another 4000’.  We made the obligatory trip over to Camp One to pay our respects and to let Andy see where the road ended.  After that, it was up and down a couple of more times before heading home.  A motorist (pickup truck) stopped while we were “refueling” at the top and told us that we should stay on the Orting Trail.  He said that he was afraid that he might run us over (it sounded more like a threat to me).  I thanked him for his concern and said that we would be sure to stay on our side of the road.  The frown on his face suggested that he didn’t think that we got the message.   

Can’t wait until next time!!

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  1. Thanks for the ride and taking a great pic, Mike! I signed up for Seattle's Cascade 1200km ride for this summer, so I'm hoping to get out for a lot of long rides before then.