Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016_04_23 Puyallup Cyclopath Kitsap Ride

Pretty good for the first ride of the season – 70 miles and approximately 4200’ of climbing.  Les Becker, Rob Critchfield, and Dwaine Trummert created and led a ride on the Kitsap Peninsula that was both beautiful and challenging.  We had a nice sized group (Les Becker, Dwaine Trummert, Martin Katzberg, Rob Critchfield, Scott Wagar, Mark Delrosario, Aaron Gerry, Erik Barrett, Kurt Maute, Leon Matz, and me (Mike Hassur). 

Manchester (if you look closely, you can see the Seattle Skyline in the background)...

The objective was to meet at the Park and Ride just east of the Narrows Bridge, ride across the bridge to the Kitsap Peninsula and to do a 60 mile or so ride on the peninsula.  The chance of rain was 50% - a concern.  Fortunately, we only got rained on a little.  We headed out about 7:30 and passed through Gig Harbor, Olalla, Manchester, and Port Orchard.  We, then worked our way back to where we started.

We started out by crossing the westbound Narrows Bridge.   I love those bridges.  They are big and beautiful.

Tacoma Narrows Bridges

Gig Harbor

After the bridges, we passed through Gig Harbor.  We climbed out of Gig Harbor, rode for awhile, and – before we knew it – we were descending to the Olalla Bridge and general store.  Just past the Olalla General Store we turned right and went up the hill on Dana Drive.  This hill is brutal with grades up to 21% (though, fortunately, those don’t last long).  After the hill on Dana Road, it was mostly rolling hills until we reached the Southworth Ferry Landing.  Along the way, we encountered one really steep downhill.  We pedaled over the crest, got in aero positions, and sped down the hill.  Most of us reached 50 mph – without pedaling!! 

Past the Southworth Ferry Landing, we rode along the beach until we reached the cute community of Manchester.  We stopped there for a bathroom break, food, and liquids.  Manchester is one of my favorites.  It is right on the water and has a nice (but distant) view of the Seattle Skyline.

View of Seattle from Manchester...

Next up was the ride from Manchester to Port Orchard where we enjoyed a nice long ride along the shoreline. 

View of Bremerton Naval Ship Yard from Port Orchard...

After Port Orchard, we made our way back to and across the Narrows Bridge to where we had started.  On the way back, we managed to get separated.  In the end, everyone made it back safe and sound.

This was a pretty challenging ride for our first ride of the year.  It was great to see and visit with everyone. 

Looking forward to our next ride to the Carbon River Entrance of Mt. Rainier. Can’t wait!!!

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