Sunday, June 22, 2014

Visiting Vashon

Author:  Chris Fox

“There are many contenders for worst hill, but Burma Road can get real ugly.
It’s so steep that you can skid if you stand or pop a wheelie if you sit.”

It’s all a matter of opinion, and perspective.  From this Cyclopath’s viewpoint, the contention is for the “best” hill on Vashon and Burma Road is, by far, totally awesome – descending and especially ascending.   Not surprising given the grade averages well into the double digits and one stretch maxes out at 28%. characterizes it as “mind bending steep.”   And, so it is! 

Vashon Island is renowned for its quiet roads, lush vegetation, beautiful views, friendly folks and hills.  

If you haven’t cycled there yet, I encourage you to hop on over.  It’s only a ferry ride away.  Although you’ll only be a few miles away from urban congestion, the tranquility transports you to
another world entirely.   But, never fear, coffee is near, including the
Coffee Roasterie and CafĂ© Luna.    

And, if the timing is right, a roadside baker may have fresh pies available for $5; the strawberry rhubarb is quite tasty.  

The roads are devilishly confusing so you may want to pull up a GPS or print a map to take along.   And when you’re done and have walked on the ferry, give your bike a hug for a fine day’s entertainment and enjoy the view – for a fare of only $5.50.

View from Vashon Ferry...


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